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Travel with Toddlers!

Traveling with toddlers take’s a lot of organization to deliver a stress-free vacation. You must plan well in advance to make sure that you have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable family vacation.

Helpful Travel Hints

Ask your travel agent for bulkhead seats on the flight, this will allow for more entertainment and relaxation space for the toddlers. A movie also serves as a good distraction.

Bring healthy snack foods in case of a plane delay when you travel.

Travel games, books, crayons, paper provide great diversions for young and old alike.

Book your accommodations with a kitchenette, so breakfast, snacks and lunches can be on hand as needed.

A friend traveled to British Columbia, Canada this summer with his wife and children, 18 months and six years old. He had planned the travel vacation well in advance so as to work within his budget and assure the family a safe vacation. His goal was to hike through the different mountain trails in British Columbia.

After arriving at their travel destination with a play picture of sandbucket and shovelpen, stroller, two car seats, four suitcases, one diaper bag, two carry-on knapsacks, and a hiking back pack, yes - 12 pieces of travel luggage - they were exhausted.  Attempting to retrieve their luggage as it rolled off the carousel at the airport was another story. Cheers rose from the family as the luggage arrived on time. With visions of their bed and a good night’s sleep, they realized that they had to unpack the two car seats for the cab, wondering all the time if the taxicab had the required secure car seat attachments.
Arriving at the hotel, they checked out the room.  Two double beds and a bar fridge (where was the real fridge they had planned for?). A bar fridge is great for mom and dad, but holding a baby bottle, milk, juice and other items requiring refrigeration - I don’t think so! As a result, they ate out twice a day (there goes the budget!).  Thankfully, the room could accommodate their daily breakfasts.

In the end, the family did enjoy their travel adventures through beautiful British Columbia. Bonding with the two toddlers was the goal and the objective was perfectly met.

The moral of the story – the devil is in the details. Take care when making family travel arrangements, ask lots of questions, and insure that you know what you are getting yourself into. Even minor adjustments, can play havoc with your vacation.  An operating kitchenette when you travel with toddlers insures that the most basic needs are met. And don’t forget the 2nd bedroom for mom and dad!

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