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Travelwithteenagers.com is dedicated to making family travel as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. As parents, we travel from point A to point B, dropping off and picking up - with little time to truly connect with our loved ones. Family vacations provide a great opportunity to relax at the beach and reconnect with your kids. If well planned, and with flexibility, the family vacation will build memories to last a lifetime.

whitewater rafting with the familyLie on a beach, stare up at the clouds, share your goals and dreams for the future. Talk about the successes and the lessons learned over the last year. You work so hard for a vacation - now make it work for you! And most of all - enjoy the time together!

Teenagers, remember the axiom - "you can't stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf". Be flexible, trusting, and communicative. Take advantage of the time together. Parents, enjoy your kids, they grow up fast.

TravelwithTeenagers.com is a compendium of the lessons we, and others, have learned over the years of traveling as a family. We welcome your contribution to best travel practices and thank you for visiting the site!

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