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Vacation Free of Money Worries

With the excitement of planning a family vacation, the last thing you want to think about is what could go wrong. Travel with a sense of peace and comfort. Purchasing travel insurance is fast and easy.  Travel insurance may cover a wide variety of risks associated with traveling, for example: trip cancellation prior to departure; accident insurance while on the trip; baggage loss; car rental; insurance form picturetransportation required for medical treatment… the list is quite exhaustive.  We generally purchase cancellation travel insurance in case an immediate family member or direct relative gets ill at the last minute… those darn chicken pox. Your travel agent can provide insurance at a very reasonable price for the family – and for a few dollars more, you can get coverage for a whole year – the rate based on time out-of-country.

I recently had a friend break her arm while sailing on a family vacation. She was an experienced sailor but a gust of wind came up, flipped the boat over, and the rest was history. Thankfully the family had comprehensive travel insurance. Surgery was a must and my friend was very fortunate an orthopedic surgeon was on call. The surgery was successful. The bill for the operation: $ 20,000 US; including the $ 700 ambulance ride to the hospital – the flight home was extra. Remember, travel insurance is all about peace of mind. Accidents happen – don’t let them ruin your family vacation. Understand the risks and get travel insurance coverage to protect your family.

Key Travel Insurance Tips for a Great Family Vacation!

Apply for travel insurance before you go on your family vacation.

Check to see if there is a separate form to be filled giving details of your current insurance policies. This may be required if you want to make a claim while on vacation. Submitting a claim when you get home will only delay recovering benefits from your  insurer.

Check to see what travel insurance may be available as a rider to your home / car policy.

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