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Cayo Coco (Cuba)

Cayo Coco is the fourth largest island, in terms of size, forming the Cuban archipelago. With a surface area of 370 square kms, it is located along the Atlantic coast of Cuba, close to the Canal Viejo de Bahamas. Linked to the main land by a stone road 17 km in length, the area is serviced by its own airport making travel to and from the area extremely easy and convenient. Palm trees and forestation with lush tropical vegetation cover the island of Cayo Coco, named after the white ibis. The island includes several resorts along its 10 km strip of white sandy beach, surrounded with crystal clear waters.
picture of cubaWe recommend an all-inclusive resort when traveling to Cayo Coco. There was little to travel to in the immediate vicinity but the resorts were so well developed that there was little you would consider doing off the resort to begin with. Travel to Havana, the Cuban capital, is by airplane. We took a day trip with the kids to a mangrove park where each twosome got their own high-speed boat to drive through the narrow mangrove swamp, a la James Bond. This was truly exciting.

The beach, always a relaxing part of the vacation, was great for the kids who played beach volleyball, socialized, and made body carvings in the sand. The all inclusive resort had multiple swimming pool options providing refreshing playgrounds with water aerobics, dodge ball, water tag, and a variety of other activities. Most pools had swim up refreshment stands (bars) serving drinks for kids and adults alike. The resort we stayed at had a nightly teen dance for the younger set, and those young at heart. The trip to Cayo Coco was a very relaxing and enjoyable vacation - and very reasonably priced compared to several other Caribbean all inclusive resorts.

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