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Seven Top Reasons to Cruise with your Kids

1. Individual cruise ships may include electronic games rooms, creative programs for kids of all ages, talent shows, movies, tennis, basketball, rock climbing, swimming pools of every kind and size, waterslides … a true cruise ship “wonderland”.

2. Professional babysitting is available on most cruise ships from evening until early morning, generally at reasonable rates.

picture of cruise ship3. Kid ’s menus are available with an excellent selection of healthy foods and drinks. Hint: ask about a “soda” upgrade, as kids refreshments may not be included in your package.

4. Kids style foods are available throughout the day to deal with those between meal hunger pangs.

5. When the kids head to bed, there are lots of play areas for the parents in close proximity to the kids (remember to never leave young children unattended however).

6. On special kids cruises, they are going to meet lots of kids from different parts of the world to share their travel experiences.

7. Money is not an object – as everything the kids will want to play is generally included.

It pays to book early for your cruise as you will have the best selection of rooms.  Remember, the rooms closest to the center of the ship (mid-ship) are the least susceptible to rocking resulting from bow or stern waves. Higher decks will sway more than lower decks, and the time in the room will likely be spent resting or sleeping anyway – there is simply too much to do on the ship. And remember, check out the cruise ship you are booking on to make sure it has what you want - no two ships are the same.

Friends of ours recently went on a family cruise and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The carrier was Carnival Cruise line, a leader in family cruising. Their recommendation, the Fun Camp Carnival Fun Ship Cruise.

In 2007, Carnival guests will be able to use their personal cellphones on the Carnival ships but be forewarned, steep international roaming rates will apply.

Disney Cruises have two ships in their fleet: the Wonder and the Magic. The Cruise ships depart from Port Canaveral, one hour west of Orlando. Each ship is a floating resort that accommodates up to 2,400 guests, 950 crew, and is over 950' in length. The ships include 11 decks each, fitness center and spa. Kid's programming is very creative, with excelent facilities, and exciting shore outings.

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