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Our Top 5 Beach Rating!

The following list is a ranking of the Top 5 Beaches we have visited and can attest to their beauty. There are hundreds of beautiful beaches in the world - these are our favorites. Send us your list!

Menton (France, French Riviera, Cote d`Azur). The eastern most beach in Menton has an exceptional view of the Mediterranean coastline, with the Italian border clearly in sight (Theoule-sur-mer). It truly is an amazing view. The pebble beaches of the area can be difficult to walk on but the rewards once you enter the water make it all worthwhile. In the evening, the sound of the waves hitting the shore is mesmerizing and soothing.

Albufeira (Portugal). Peneco beach, with its fine sand and turquoise blue sea sheltered by cliffs is a gem.

The Baths (British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda). The beaches at the baths are made up of patches of powdery white sand, sprinkled with enormous round boulders.  Day sailors can anchor close to this area; day travelers will need to walk about 5 minutes to the beach. Swimming with the fish – exciting.

Crane Beach (Barbados). Crane is one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches. Caressed by the warm Caribbean sun, fanned by the gentle trade winds, and sheltered on both sides, Crane is beautiful. The name crane was derived from the large crane situated at the top of the cliff which was used for loading and unloading ships.

Mullet Bay Beach (St. Maarten/St. Martin). The beautiful warm sand of this Caribbean beach is very popular with families. Mullet Bay is one of the prettiest beaches in St Martin as the shores are lined with rocks. Great surfing, beach volleyball, snorkeling, and beautiful sunsets.

Beaches are a welcome escape. Let the rhythmic sound of the ocean waves carry you away. Feel the warm sand caress and massage your feet. Escape the office. Introduce yourself to like minded people on the beach. Share the music, laughter and just hang out. Surf the waves, boogie board, play in the sand, enjoy a volleyball game with the family, and stroll along the sea shore.

5 Big Reasons to go to the Beach!!

B   Bonding
E   Energy
A  Amazing
C   Calmness
H   Harmony

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