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Our Family Ski Experience!

Try skiing and snowboarding this winter with the kids – they will love you for it!

two skiers on the hillMy husband and I met skiing. We both loved the sport, the mountains, the thrills, and the crisp winter air. After a day on the slopes, we would enjoy the après-ski ambience with a warm glass of mulled wine and a romantic snuggle by the fireplace.

We enrolled our children into skiing at the ages of 3 and 5. We used to tell the kids that this was our sport and they were more than welcome to join us. They started skiing at Smugglers Notch in Vermont, enrolled in the one-week winter program. The instructors were very professional and the kids progressed rapidly. We traveled back to the resort two years in a row. The kids learned how to ski, gaining confidence with each outing. The constant banter about their successes, and challenges, as well as the social interactions with their co-skiers was very uplifting to them, and to us.  At the end of the day, mom and dad managed to squeak in some quality time together, and the kids were ready for a good night’s sleep.
Moving our base camp to Mont Tremblant Resort (Quebec) brought the family’s relationship with skiing to a whole new level. We bought a chalet near the resort and started to spend time there. Our daughters are now teenagers and we enjoy their companionship, as well as that of their friends. The gondola ride to the top gives us time to share plenty of laughs together, as well as prepare an action plan for the day. After a full day at the slopes, we head for the chalet, light the fire, and settle in for an evening of relaxation and laughter. As the kids get older, we realize that these precious moments may not last forever as our children learn to explore and fly on their own. As parents, we feel that the travel experiences we have shared together as a family have been extremely rewarding. The family dynamics resulting from our shared times together will enhance their growth as young ladies, and last a lifetime, ours and theirs.

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